All Together Now is one of the artworks in Structural Integrity, a keynote project of Next Wave. In All Together Now, we bring together several Melbourne-based civil society groups who are currently active in a diverse range of causes. In this project, we examine the positions of civil society groups in the existing societal structure and create new structures for bringing them together in an artistic context. All Together Now consists of 5 components: a public action, a drawing, a video and 2 sculptures. The public action took place on 8 May along Bourke St while the other 4 components are present in the exhibition venue of Arts House Meat Market.


All Together Now was created by Post-Museum’s Ong Xiao Yun, Jennifer Teo and Woon Tien Wei through discussion with and participation of the following groups in Melbourne:

  • The ALSO Foundation
  • ANTaR Victoria
  • Green Renters
  • Joy 94.9
  • Medical Association for Prevention of War
  • The New International Bookshop
  • Next Wave
  • Project Respect
  • Sea Shepherd
  • Urban Seed
  • The Victorian Women’s Trust

This project is presented by Next Wave and supported by National Arts Council Singapore, the Singapore International Foundation (through the Singapore Internationale arts grant) and a group of volunteers.