This project was proposed and materialized for a Playeum community interactive event “Bright and Shiny” at Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden.

It started as a workshop and resulted in a display by young kids and parents. The aim of the project was to display a garden grown by the collective action, given the space of thought for the participants. It engaged young kids in a playful and constructive way, to build, play, involve and learn.

The children and their parents were given the choice of paper (tissue paper and inked fluorescent coloured paper) and the choice of what they want to add to the garden. In one corner, the artist offered simple origami making for interested parties to fold and add to their garden. At another corner, the children and their parents could let their creative genes flow, creating different forms of flowers made of tissue paper. At the third table, a group of participants helped to cut various shapes of leaves and flowers. Slowly but surely, the garden grew and glowed in the dark. After 3 hours, the garden grew into a visual surprise. In between kids enjoyed the fruits of their labour, playing with the origami frogs on the floor.

It was a wonderful experience for all involved in this project. The only regret was that the installation only lasted 3 hours.

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