Inner Journeys was a series of workshops conducted with the Drama Club of Kaki Bukit Prison School from 2002 to 2006. The artists conducted 3 day workshops twice a year and each time tailored activities around themes relevant to the participants based on feedback from the participants or the officers in charge of the group.

The 18 participants of the workshop went through a process of art and drama that reflected their life journeys. Workshops often began with drama games that energized the group. A series of drama or art activities them followed suit. While the art activities provided participants with a space for introspection and self-expression, the drama activities developed team work and group sharing. The participants, together with the artists, explored various art forms such as painting, pottery, movement, forum theatre, masks-making and performances. Through the process of the workshops, participants shared and gained insights about life from each other and became more confident at expressing their own thoughts and ideas as the relationship within the group strengthened.

These workshops were carried out with the strong support of Edmund Chow, teacher in-charge of the Drama Club. It cumulated into a group show at The Substation as part of the M1 Fringe Festival in 2006, organized by The Necessary Stage.