‘Little conversations’ was a series of audio conversations conducted with the home owners along Niven Road. The artist interviewed the house owners, having discussions and conversations with them on the objects or architectural features in their house that hold important memories to them. It can also be seen as a collaborative work between them, or the artist’s selected representation of their memories.

The artists then created aluminum foil impressions of the objects and displayed them together with edited audio clips of their conversations about that object, their memories and journeys. 4 home owners were interviewed. The first had no attachment to any objects or features in the house. He preferred to discuss about his poetry and his inspirations for a particular book of poems he had written. They were inspired from the daily news and media. The artist then choose to create a book with foil pages to represent this owner.

The parents of the second home owner happened to be in Singapore for a holiday during the course of the project. The artist interviewed owner’s mother who shared about their house in London and the childhood memories of the owner. Using this information, the artist created an impression of the parents’ hands. For his object, which was an altar table, which gave the home owner the sense of being ‘rooted’.

For the third owner, her husband and her were really attracted to the Peranakan features of the house. She was going back to her hometown while the project was ongoing. The artist requested for her to bring back photos of important objects from her old home. However, this did not happen due to time constraints.

The last owner interviewed had stayed in the neighborhood for 42 years. He had witnessed many changes and spoke about old neighbors and his childhood experience of moving. He enjoyed sitting at the entrance of his shop, chatting with people who passed by. The resulting work featured 42 pieces of foil, each representing a year of his stay along the neighborhood.