This project was proposed and materialized for a Playeum community interactive event “Me and My World” at ‘Reflections’ at Bukit Chandu, which is a museum that documents the history of the hill during the Japanese occupation. The knotting project was conceived to remember this peaceful kampong (village) and the lost sounds of people playing.

This project required participants to knot and weave a large netting playground, allowing the children to crawl under to play with their playmates and strangers. The idea of play was inspired as a response to the lost past and to juxtapose harmony and war.

The act of knotting has a significant meaning; in knotting, the process made participants constantly deal with balance and tension to firm up the netting to prevent it to sag. Kids and parents were attracted to the brilliant colours of the fabric and were excited to participate in the process. Playful kids could not restrain themselves and moved between the holes while knotting; instead of being excited though, the artist was more anxious to keep her eye with them in case they got trapped. It was great to see the kids themselves play in a playground they created.

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